Grand-Master Mohammad Azam started learning Martial Arts in the year 1984 when he was just nine years of age. Grand-Master Mohammad Azam learned Ashihara karate from 1984 to 2002, and achieved Sho Dan (black belt) in1990, Ni Dan (2nd Dan black belt) in 1993 and San Dan (3rd Dan black belt) in 1997. In 1996 Grand-Master Mohammad Azam got the permission to open a branch, then he opened a branch of his own and started to teach karate, in the year 2002, Grand-Master Mohammad Azam had to discontinue to Ashihara due to unfavorable circumstances. Then in 2003 he got the affiliation from (NIKO) Ashihara karate, again due to unfavorable circumstances he had to stop teaching ashihara then Enshinkai-kan officially appointed Grand-Master Mohammad Azam as Branch Chief of INDIA.

Grand-Master Mohammad Azam started teaching ENSHIN KARATE from November 2007 and achived 3rd dan black belt, in 2015 and discontinue to ENSHIN KARATE in the year 2017 due to unfavorable circumstances, and misbehavior by one of the senior most of enshin kai.  Then he decided to start his own style, but he cant change the name Enshin, because it is a regd by govt in india named Enshin Development Foundation so he started enshin knock-out karate, which is run and managed by Enshin Development Foundation Grand-Master Mohammad Azam won the title of (West Bengal) state champion thrice, after that in the year 1993 he was second place winner in heavy weight (all India Ashihara Karate tournament 1993) at that time he was just 17 years of age, and then after long time he again took part in heavy weight (Ashihara karate national championship) in the year 2001 in which he was the Winner and won the title of National Champion 2001. And in the year 1997 he have done the more then 100 man kumite and more then 40 was knockout.